Microsoft Advertising has launched a new feature called ‘Experiments’ that lets advertisers test their campaign changes confidently.

“Sometimes, it’s not immediately clear whether a new bidding strategy, setting, or feature is the best move for you. How can you make sure that you’re making the right decisions for your Microsoft Advertising campaigns without wasting precious time and resources? With experiments rolling out globally, you can now test out those campaign changes with full confidence.”, states Subha Hari & Piyush Naik, the Program Managers of Microsoft Advertising.

How is this useful to me?

With the help of the ‘Experimenter’ feature, you…

Facebook has two new updates, first ‘Multiple Text Optimization’ for advertisers for their ad copy and ‘Facebook News’, a dedicated tab for news content.

Facebook has come out with a new option which will enable advertisers to include multiple text variations for their ad copy, which Facebook’s systems will then be able to choose from when displaying the ad to different users.

The new option ‘Multiple Text Optimization’ is similar to Google’s ‘Responsive Ads’, which allows advertisers to include alternative text options, which its systems can then test and optimize generate the best results.


This new option essentially…

Top five channel-building tips to grow your audience on your YouTube channel and find your expertise.

Helloooo Marketers!!!

I’m sure all of you must be using video marketing as a preferred mode of communication, especially during the current times where most of your audience is consuming information online.

There’s no question that video marketing has become increasingly popular and convenient for businesses in recent years.

While talking about video marketing, how can we not talk about the internet video giant?

Yes, you guessed it right!

While popular sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even your own website are wonderful places…

Social media is a must have in your promotion plan to market an event to enable broader awareness, connection and engagement, across a range of streams.

Does your business conduct events?

Ever wondered if there was a more creative and engaging way to market your event?

‘Social media’ can be just that — a powerful tool to promote your event. There’s nothing more engaging than social media.

This blog inculcates various ways to promote your event on social media.

When it comes to media event promotion, it’s important to make a plan. And Social media is a must have in…

A new feature is hereby Instagram which aims to replicate the key functionality of rising app TikTok.

Rather than taking on parent-company Facebook’s usual tactic of launching a separate app, Instagram is adding its new ‘Reels’ feature as an element within Instagram Stories.

It will use the app’s scale to try and beat TikTok at its own game and blunt its potential to take away younger users.

Reels will enable users to create short videos which can be shared and remixed — just like TikTok.

Those videos can include music, utilizing Facebook’s expanding music library, while Reels also includes a…

Technology opens up new opportunities for brands every day where mobile marketing plays a significant role.

The mobile industry was once only a small section of the entire digital marketing structure. Today, it is among its biggest divisions.

According to Research, up to 70 percent of web traffic happens on a mobile device. As time goes by, the techniques used by mobile marketers only grow.

Now, you’re probably thinking about how to improve your mobile marketing strategy for 2020.

While there are some big changes waiting to happen in the mobile marketing sphere, let’s also not lose sight of what…

In a visually driven platform like Instagram; do your captions actually carry value?

Yes, they do. Captions are of importance, but it is good captions that actually add value to your brand. A very powerful tool that can make or break your post. So what is a good caption?

A compelling one, the one that drives to that specific call to action can be qualified as a good caption. A caption that stays with you is a good caption. A caption that generates a large number of responses from your followers is a good caption.

With multiple descriptions, definitions and…

Did you know that only 31% of B2B marketers could demonstrate excellent or very good ROI from content marketing in 2020?

It shows that 69% of marketers either aren’t confident about the outcome of their content marketing efforts or don’t know how to measure ROI!

It’s scary to see that hundreds of thousands of dollars spent each year isn’t generating ROI for businesses! That might make the CEO of SMEs second guess their investment decision for content marketing.

The report by the Content Marketing Institute also shows another interesting insight: 90% of B2B marketers track “Website Traffic” as the key…

On the occasion of ‘International Small Business Day’ on 27th June 2019, Google launched a new website ‘ Google for Small Business ‘ that will give suggestions to the business owners about their product regarding how to stand out, reach customers and work efficiently.

In the announcement, Kim Spalding, Google’s Global Product Director for Small Business said, “I’ve had the opportunity to get to know many small business owners and the challenges they face. Most of them tell me that they need help saving time at work, or that they need easy tools to help them promote their business. …

A new report finds out that influencers are receiving less engagement on their sponsored ads. This pattern of decline has been observed year after year.

After the introduction of ‘Explore Ads’ for users to attain maximum engagement, Instagram feed is filled with these sponsored ads, making engagements thinner in turn.

Analytics firm InfluencerDB shared its data with Mobile Marketer talks about the downfall of engagement rate of sponsored posts from 4% in 2016 to 2.5% at present; whereas the rate of organic posts slid from 4.5% to 1.9%.

This engagement is calculated by taking an average of likes on all…


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