Benefits Of Repurposing Content [ Free Template To Start Repurposing ]

2 min readNov 22, 2021

Audiences today devour content at an unusual rate.

In India, an average consumer spends 2.25 hours daily on social media.

In this time frame, they might scroll through approximately 8100 pieces of content or even 135 one-minute videos for that matter.

These numbers are huge considering the 31.2% annual growth in active social media users.

If the consumption rate for content is this high the efforts to engage the audience automatically go up.

Engaging with your audience with relevant content has become key to staying at the top of their minds.

However, the majority of companies fail to do so owing to the slow content production cycle that they get stuck with.

Top it up with issues of decreased attention span of viewers, which adds to the pressure of content creation.

From a Content Marketer’s Lens

Let me break it to you.

It is not the lack of attention span amongst audiences it’s the lack of consideration span.

Audiences today want to be hooked instantly. To do that you need to be present and interacting on all platforms first

Being found is the key to attracting an audience.

But being present everywhere and simultaneously producing content can be strenuous.

The process itself involves a multitude of steps.

Ideation > Research > Content creation and lastly > Distribution.

Ask a content marketer out there who struggles to put out quality content every day.

So how do we deal with this?

Ans — Repurposing content

What is Content Repurposing?

Repurposing content is an easy and simple way to recycle a macro piece of content and turn it into micro pieces which can be distributed across platforms.

The vice versa of this is also true. Many marketers condense multiple blog posts to create an ebook.

While Repurposing content, it is important to understand where your audience hangs out. Analyze the consumption pattern and the platform people are on to help you decide what to produce in a native format.

With Repurposing — a podcast can be turned into a blog, social media posts, and even small video snippets.

A blog can be repurposed as social media posts, gifs, videos, infographics, etc.

Internal data, reviews, etc can be turned into case studies.

It is not just limited to creating new micro pieces of content.

Refurbishing blogs or other content pieces to be relevant in the current situation is also a way of repurposing content.




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