Bumper Ads: An Easy Way To Boost Your YouTube Ad Campaign

3 min readOct 1, 2021

Everyday so much information is fed to our brain through various platforms that we are gradually losing patience to sit down watch, read, or listen to long content.

And if you think from a marketer’s perspective, our declining attention spans are a great challenge. Even more so when it comes to advertisements. Be it the mindless thumb-scrolling on Instagram, or falling into the deep Youtube Autoplay trap, hitting ‘Skip Ad’ one video at a time, people don’t care about ads, unless they intrigue or delight!

Let’s say, you are running a YouTube Ad Campaign, then you must ask yourself this question — How can you hook your potential customers if they lose interest in a few seconds?

In such cases, Image ads serve well but nothing can match the impact of a Video ad.

What we’re talking about is a Video ad which lasts only a few seconds. That’s where Bumper ads by Google come into the picture.

According to Google, “A Bumper ad is a six-second video format best suited to control brand reach and frequency. These are accessible through Google Ads as an add-on to traditional campaigns and sold on a CPM basis. Bumper ads can extend the reach of your current campaign and complement broader messaging.”

You see unskippable Bumper ads before almost every YouTube video. Most of them are catchy and effective to boost the business. The main aim of these ads is not for the launch or introduction of a product, but for the spread of your campaign and increase awareness about the product.

Is Bumper ad worth it?


As we talked earlier, the audience tends to lose interest in a few seconds so it is necessary to keep your ad as brief as possible. Bumper as is only six seconds long and it takes less time to design these ads.

Make your Bumper Ad as effective as possible and it will guarantee the escalation of your YouTube ad campaign. When Bumper ads were first launched in the year 2016, the concept was not well-versed to advertisers for obvious reasons.

How can you hold your target audience in just six seconds?

As Bumper ads are unskippable and it’s certain that the audience will watch it. So advertisers took the challenge. A year later, Google conducted a wide study and the result was that 70% of the brands which used Bumper ads saw an average 9% lift in their brand awareness.

If that’s not a good reason for you to think Bumper ads is worth a try, then what is?

Yes, Bumper ads are short, but if used in a right manner, have the potential to be just as effective as regular ads for generating brand awareness. Things you need to consider before indulging into a Bumper ad campaign:

If you are an advertiser, you’ll probably have a Google Ads account but if not, a Google Ads account is a must to start a Bumper ad campaign.

You can start an independent Bumper ad campaign, but it is recommended that you combine it with your TrueView ad campaign to increase effectiveness.

You must also have a six-second video, which can be hosted on YouTube.

If you are ready to take on the challenge of a 6-second ad, check out the infographic below to learn everything you need to know about bumper ad design.




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