How Apple Stands Out From Its Competition Via Video Marketing

5 min readNov 8, 2021

The pristine white silicon giant needs no introduction when it comes to tech, innovation, and pop culture. All of us have been there — lusting over the latest version of an iPhone or craving for a Mac Upgrade, salivating over AirPods, or secretly wishing for an iPad but not being able to decide whether it’s required or just another impulse purchase. And who can forget the apple fanboys/girls who defend apple products over Microsoft, android, Samsung, and others…

If I recall right, my attraction to the company was not the iPhone but the iPod — and for many, it has been a legit entry point into the Apple ecosystem. Upon seeing the reflective white music player with a touch dial, I couldn’t help but think “my precious” (in Gollum’s voice). What’s more surprising is, I am no musicophile, yet I was in awe of a music player.

Over the years, Apple has been quite vocal and visual with all of their product launches enough to make a space of their own in your mind — talk of top-of-the-mind brand awareness.

How do they do it?

Let’s deconstruct how Apple enjoys a crazy mind-share as they go on building up the hype one product launch after another.

So, how do you build such a fan following?

Apple has been creating products that are either category differentiators or category creators. Right from the beginning, Apple has been quite strategic in its product launches. Their products all aim towards enabling us to “Think Different” by providing better design and easy-to-use intuitive functionality.

During the 2007 iPhone launch, Steve Jobs actually breaks down how the problem that iPhone is solving is different than the Smartphone competitors on the market. Positioning 101.

iPad was positioned as the post-pc device nestled between the iPhone and the Computer.

Screenshot from the Apple Keynote of 2010 — where the iPad was launched

Apple identifies the challenges that come with introducing a new form factor or experience to an audience. If the audience won’t be able to use it in their day-to-day; it can totally backfire and this is where Apple relies a whole lot on education.

Apple is big on educating the customer, and this begins right from the 1st ever keynote where a product is introduced to the market — imagine this as a big classroom of sorts.

Wait — why am I talking about the keynote presentation here.

Well, Keynotes are very well a part of Apple’s video strategy. They seem to be a treat to attend in person. However, pre-pandemic it would be an invite-only thing for a closed set audience. Today, things are different, and the world witnesses a live stream from their homes.

Take a quick look at the earliest keynote of Steve Jobs introducing the world to the iPod or the iPhone — and 1 straightforward structure is revealed.

This structure is still consistent with Apple’s product launch today as well.

Each step is a setup for what’s to come next — the strategy is brilliant.

By the time we reach the end; we feel this product is a godsend. And are all geared up for a pre-order.

Check out the video of the original iPod Keynote as it was introduced to the world for the 1st time

Here’s a breakdown of the 1st ever Apple iPod Keynote

  • Category Creation -

Steve Jobs walks us through the portable music space and brings to the foreground the various products (disc players, mp3 players, thumb drive, Hard disk…) available in the market. He lists down all the possibilities right from the cheapest to the most expensive at the time.

  • He then highlights the highest segment and mentions that this is where they want to position their solution. There are 2 primary reasons for this -
  • #1 to prime the audience with the promise — “1000 songs in your pocket.”
  • #2 to prep the audience for a price point — 300+$ in this case
  • Disregard the competition — Steve Jobs does this in a very effective way; much like a lawyer. He builds a strong case of the existing products and positions the iPod as the solution; the only solution.
  • Ultra-portable aka “Fits in your pocket”
  • Demonstrates the size as a comparison to a deck of cards
  • Followed by the product reveal on-screen
  • For a final reveal of the physical product in steve’s hand
  • Result: The crowd goes ballistic
  • Apple’s legendary ease of use
  • Defines how people normally sort music using the hierarchy of Playlists, Artist and Album. Feels like something that we would take for granted today owing to Spotify or Youtube playlists.
  • We are then introduced to the hardware more closely especially to a Unique Scroll wheel that helps one navigate easily using just one hand.
  • Autosync
  • A simple blend of Hardware and Software. Steve literally says, you all must have heard of “Plug and Play” but now this is “Plug, Unplug and Play!”
  • He mentions 3 points specifically to make the iPod stand-out

The above points are so well orchestrated in a sequence that towards the end of it — you will think of getting one. And it is at this moment — we hear Steve mention

  • iPod
  • 5GB HD | Firewire | 1000 Songs in your pocket | 10 Hr Battery life for 399$




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