Instagram Adds New ‘Poses’ And ‘Layout’ Modes To Stories

3 min readSep 20, 2021

We see a lot of updates by Instagram for its users to keep them hooked to its app. Here it is once again. Instagram has come up with two new features for its stories.

Stories are now the heart and soul of Instagram, and while many of the new changes imitate Snapchat and even Tik Tok, users don’t seem to mind.

Layout Mode

The first one is called ‘Layout’ mode which allows users to post multiple photos on a single screen.

Users can choose different formats and create a collage.

You’ll be able to choose between two and six images to combine in a grid-based collage, when you open the Stories camera and select the Layout option.


This new feature provides a range of grid display styles for images within a single frame. There are several options within this, such as a four-part split, two-part horizontal split and more.

The feature will be launched globally and people can incorporate up to six images.

The sole way within Instagram to bring off a similar trick was to copy a photo from the gallery and paste it in a text box.

The ‘Layout’ mode is definitely a selling point for third-party apps currently. But when Instagram incorporates it into its own app, its billion users will no longer need a solution from a separate company.

Poses Mode:

One more option to consider for your Instagram Stories is the ‘Poses’ Mode.

Instagram develops Stories Camera mode, which clicks four pictures, one per three seconds and stitches them together to show it in a stop-motion effect.

Poses would create quick reels of multiple images, another way to create more interesting and engaging content for Insta Stories.

This new feature by Instagram is really good for showcasing product shots with different angles in quick succession.

It will be very beneficial for your brand as the new feature seems really exciting. This will enhance the brand image and will increase the brand awareness for the Instagram Poses.


Enroll this feature to your Instagram stories and try it out to spread awareness.

Instagram offers too many choices to its users and still builds out new features like Layout and Poses mode for its stories.

Instagram wants to maintain the momentum of Stories and new developments to enhance its photo and Stories functionality.




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