Understand LinkedIn Analytics To Grow Your Company Page

2 min readNov 15, 2021

LinkedIn has slowly but steadily crawled to the top and become the most preferred social platform for company growth.

The majority of Marketers, CMO’s and Managers are looking at LinkedIn as more than just a hiring platform. Thanks to its new features, LinkedIn has become a key piece when it comes to content marketing strategies, especially for B2B firms.

While a great company page is the first piece of the puzzle, utilizing the platform to your benefit can be a bit more challenging.

What many professionals miss out on is an essential part of the LinkedIn strategy i.e understanding the Analytics

LinkedIn has a great guide on understanding the basics of analytics. The details of all the metrics with their meaning and usage can be studied here to get insights into LinkedIn page performance.

Today we take it a step further and hunt what LinkedIn analytics means and how to use it to your firm’s benefit.

As an Admin you have complete access to the analytics section of the Linkedin Company page.

In this section, a few of the most important metrics to track are:

  • Competitor data — To have a quick overview of how your firm stacks up against competitors
  • Updates — Understand which posts are performing better
  • Number of unique visitors and page views — If your content is good enough people might want to have a look at your company page and this is where you track it

If you notice I have not mentioned followers in the above metrics. Here’s why.

While a majority of firms obsess over the number of followers it is not the best way to measure how your firm is performing on LinkedIn

A greater chunk of followers for the company page is its employees. If a firm has 10k employees, it’s obvious that the firm will have a higher number of followers as compared to a firm with 3k followers.




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